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Drew Dubs graduated from DAAP (Design, Architecture, Art and Planning) with his BFA in 2020. Prior to this he had the fortune to work with artist and printer Mark Patsfall of Clay Street Press where he honed his printing techniques. He is currently living and practicing in Cincinnati, OH.

His work focuses on contemporary sociopolitical issues through film photography and the printmaking medium. Living in the rust belt his views of daily life are an amalgamation of derelict industrial towns flourishing into contemporary urban spaces. With this evolution of the traditional rustbeltian town he sees the dilemmas of what urban evolution brings. This maybe gentrification, housing issues, pro-business/anti-individual, pollution, capitalism, etc. His goal is to shed light on the by-product of this new urban renewal.

What inspires his imagery is advertisements, home life, urban sprawls, and everyday man to name a few. He combines both found images and his own drawings to achieve his artistic goals. These images usually take on a melancholic or disintegrated look.

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